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all things truant you may or may not care to know

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Nope. Reason number 1: I’m probably not good enough to replicate that designer bag you saw at Nordstom’s, at least in a reasonable time frame. More importantly, knocking off other artists is bad form so don’t ask me to do it. Reason number 2: Design and pattern development are time consuming, difficult, and meticulous processes that I choose to reserve for my own creative endeavors. Everyone has great ideas, but for my own integrity and originality of the brand I’ll keep doing my own thing.

Q: I’m in love with a bag I saw on Instagram! Can I have one made to order?

A: Thank you, I’m so stoked you like my work! Sorry, I’m not accepting orders at this time. Note text in bold, be patient with me while I get organized. For now I’ll be stocking the shelves as I see fit and will continue to make most of the designs you’ve seen on Insta (if you’ve been following along). I will be offering select made to order items in the future, because you guys are awesome and deserve to get what ya want!

Q: How often will you update the shop?

A: This will always vary. The best way to receive notifications is to join the email list and follow @truantleatherco on Instagram. I’ll be showing progress of items on the bench and posting previews of goods before they are listed. In the Truant email newsletter and in my Instagram stories you’ll be informed of dates and approximate times of shop updates. Be sure to check it out and be proactive if there’s something you’ve been pining for, you may not be the only one…

Q: Where do you source your leather?

A: My absolute favorite supplier to visit is Maverick Leather Company a family owned business based in Bend, OR. They are awesome for many reasons and have an amazing, ever changing variety of leather. I spend hours digging through the warehouse and come out with treasures every time.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Currently, I’m not able to support wholesale/bulk orders. This would enable a second party retailer or boutique to stock Truant goods in their store. I like the idea of it, when I grow(or hire) a second pair of hands it’ll be more of a serious consideration.

Q: Animal leather is controversial, have you considered using vegan leather?

A: Absolutely not. I’ll give the short answer here and most likely write a journal post about in the future, it’s a sensitive and complex topic that I feel deserves consideration.

In the current state of our world, animals are raised and slaughtered as a means of feeding our population. Cattle and other farmed animals are not harvested solely for their hides, the skins are widely considered a by-product of the industry. Rather than dumping the hides in a landfill or sending the material into the atmosphere by means of incineration, they are sold to tanneries who process the hides into useable leather.

Leather is a natural material that holds up throughout decades, often gaining aesthetic with age. Vegan leather, PU leather, pleather and faux leather are typically made of plastic. Aside from a manufacturing process that is harmful and creating more of a substance that is a detriment to the planet, plastic leather looks like shit after a year or so. Cork, banana leaf, mushroom are among other materials used to produce vegan leather and claim to be eco friendly. They can certainly make a pretty product, but I find it doubtful that the result is something that you will be able to use for decades. One of the best, most earth friendly practices we can adopt is to limit consumption. Handmade goods from natural leather are single purchase items. Purses, bags, wallets and belts should not be treated as consumables, needing to be replaced year after year.

Additionally, when managed responsibly, cattle ranching can have immensely positive ecological impacts. Cattle on an open range mimic the beneficial effects the great herds bison had on the land for thousands of years. It’s also a beautiful part of our American heritage and deserves to be regarded with respect.

Q: I’m still not into the idea of packing around parts of a dead cow, will you be offering any other types of products?

A: Yes! I recently purchased several yards of gorgeous and tough waxed canvas which will be made into a variety of goods. I’m very excited to get to work on this new line of products, coming 2019.

Thanks for reading the FAQ’s. Have a question of your own? Ask away