Product information


Truant goods are entirely handmade and will contain minor inconsistencies and imperfections (unrelated to quality and durability) due to the primitive nature of this craft and organic traits of leather.

Keep in mind, leather is an organic material. Goods may display color variations and potentially noticeable scarring from the life of the animal which it came from. I find these variances to add character, depth and beauty to my work.

Leather care depends on the item and type of leather. Wallets and other small goods that interact with your hands regularly may never need extra conditioning as they pick up oils from your skin that naturally keep the leather moisturized. I use a wide variety, ever changing supply of leather in my designs so it would be inadvisable to give generic care instructions. Some leather has a higher oil content and may never require conditioning, some (such as natural veg-tan) would benefit from once or twice yearly conditioning. I’ll be sure to make note in product descriptions if there are any specific needs or recommendations. There are hundreds of products on the market, I’ve been using Fiebing’s Saddle Soap and a liquid glycerine leather cleaner. Suede cleaner is great for spot cleaning leather with a velvety finish and light kitchen oils(olive/coconut) can be great for adding moisture to dry leather. **conditioning, using oils, or applying liquid cleaner to leather will darken the color slightly and contribute to the patina development of your item

Patina is a covetable quality of well loved leather, it’s the smooth sheen and weathered look that accumulates over time and with use of the item. Being a natural material, leather is constantly taking in the elements of its environment. Sunlight, humidity, dirt, moisture, heat, oils from your body, and anything that comes into contact with it will be absorbed and will influence the process. Scratches, scuff marks, water stains, and spilled beer on your favorite bag all lend to gorgeous patina development over time and create unique personal character. Generally, the lesser processed leathers (such as veg-tan) will display the greatest patina accumulation, whereas finished leathers (chrome tan) may hardly develop one. It’s a matter of preference, I’ll be sure to give a patina rating for each item sold in the shop.